Обикновени бисквити с КРАВЕ МАСЛО NEW!

Life is sweet!


“Zaharen Kombinat Plovdiv” AD is one of Bulgaria’s biggest and most popular sweets manufacturing companies. This is a factory with a long history (est. 1919) and rich tradition in sugar and confectionery production, which is located in second largest city Plovdiv, the centre of the country and only1.5 hour away on highway from the capital.

Our wide production range covers four main segments: biscuits, wafers, chocolate bonbons and hard candies. In terms of sales and market share we are in Top 3 of each of these segments.

Our marketing and sales strategy is: High quality, High value for money, Balanced mix between traditional brands and Innovation.

We are also a sugar refiner, licensed according to Regulation (EC) 18/2006.

In view of Bulgarian accession in the EU and fall of market administrative restrictions we have the ambition to further grow on local market and expand our activities internationally, by covering still more consumer segments and focussing on market innovations. From this point of view we are interested in cooperation with foreign companies in order to increase the presence of their brands on our market and vice versa. We are open to discuss any forms of mutual business, like joint venture or other form of economic cooperation, "private labels" production, tolling, import/export sales operations etc.

Our strengths are :

  • Long Tradition in Business
  • Wide distribution chain with 100% national coverage
  • Quality of production and processes guaranteed by ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP
  • Location and production site
  • Skillful and highly qualified personal in the confectionery production business.


The new, modern equipment of the company is automated and with high production capacity. In the different product units the Zaharen kombinat Plovdiv AD has the following production capacities:

  • chocolates – 12 t / 24 hours
  • biscuits – 28 t /24 hours
  • wafers – 16 t /24 hours
  • desserts – 4 t /24 hours
  • caramel bonbons – 13 t /24 hours

The quality policy of Zaharen kombinat Plovdiv AD aims at:

  • assuring our clients that the quality of our products is something we maintain constantly.
  • meeting the consumers` requirements for taste and nutrition characteristics of our products.

The good results are guaranteed by the direct participation of the whole team of Zaharen kombinat Plovdiv AD, trough implementation and maintenance of quality system in compliance with ISO 9001:2008.

Certified Integrated System for Quality Management ISO 9001:2008, Health and Food Safety Management System ISO 22000:2005 and Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004

Quality is achieved through:

  • Loyalty to the consumers
  • Active participation of the employees
  • Modernization of the equipment
  • Constant improvement of the quality system



tel.: +359 32 952 174

fax: +359 32 953 945

email: sales@crystalbg.com